The Great Escape – Looking at everyday addictions using the horoscope

Date: 5 May 2019
Location: Online webinar

A webinar organised by MISPA

We all have our bad habits. Do you ever see yourself… needing a couple of drinks to feel more at ease in a social situation? Looking constantly at your phone? Eating more chocolate than feels good? It is only human to try to avoid what we see as the more painful or negative aspects of ourselves or of life. However when this avoidance becomes habitual and especially when we find we can’t do without alcohol, sugar or our phone in order to feel better, then we begin to feel guilty and trapped and our feeling of self-esteem decreases further.

Faye’s belief is that addictive tendencies are covering up genuine needs and longings. By discovering the needs behind the addiction and accepting them, we can regain our self-respect and a sense of authenticity. Faye will look at case studies and if time permits discuss your charts – so bring your Neptune and discover if there is a talent hidden in an addiction!

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