Business Astrology

Training for astrologers

Faye offers private tuition and supervision on business astrology. She also provides services for helping you to set up your own astrology business, by helping to define your mission, strengths, image and services – these all form part of your branding, one of Faye’s specialities.

Contact her to discuss any wishes you may have.


business astrology 


Training for businesses

is offered through Faye ‘s company for consultancy services using business astrology see

These can be short presentations – such as the following:

  • Introduction to how astrology can be used in companies
  • The Company Clock – organisational development model
  • Positioning and branding

Longer training programs 1/2 day – 5 days – examples:

  • Beginners astrology for use in business
  • Leadership development using astrological archetypes
  • Team building or strategy using the horoscope
  • Brainstorming for improving your website
  • Brainstorming for a better communication strategy

Contact Faye for any special tailor made programmes you may be interested in.