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Nederlandse webinar

Jupiter Pluto conjunct – opname 5 april 2020

Faye en Liz Hathway

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Webinars from the Astrology University

Quintiles and Biquintiles  – order through the AU

Ceres – order through the AU

What time is it – the Huber method – order through the AU

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Webinars from MISPA -Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology

Go to Pluto and His Mother-in-Law to arrange to view the full lecture.

Go to Vocational Blocks: what’s stopping you? to arrange to view the full lecture.

Go to The Great Escape: our every day addictions to arrange to view the full lecture.


Chicago 2018 Decent Exposure (Publicity, branding and timing)
Chicago 2018 Ceres and epigenetics

New Orleans 2012 Pluto’s Mother-in-Law, Ceres


All 2012

Vocational Arousal – Getting your clients going by making a vocational profile to fit with the times  – recorded in Australia in 2012 with slides.

What time is it? The magic of the 72 year cycle: how to tell the time in your life, your company and your country


From the Astrological Association Conferences (Great Britain)

2017 Decent Exposure – (Publicity and Branding) Y1039
2017 Off with the bad on with the good (Ceres and Epigenetics) Y1067

2015  Co-Creating With the Planets Y965

2012 It’s the end of the world as we know it Y806
2012 Branding: You might as well be yourself  – Y824

2009 The Great Escape – a look at every day addictions –  aa09
2009 Pluto And His Mother-In-Law  Y686

2005 – Past lives 2005  y501
2005 – What Time Is It? The Magic Of The Cosmic 72 Year Cycle y534


Transpersonal Astrology – recorded in Amsterdam in 2013 with slides