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Faye’s Exploring Ceres 

A 4-part recorded lecture series in cooperation with the London School of Astrology

Note this is included in the new LSA online 103 course fee

Also available as a separate 4-part course

Normal price £80 
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Webinars from the Astrology University

Quintiles and Biquintiles  – order through the AU

Ceres – order through the AU

What time is it – the Huber method – order through the AU

Webinars from MISPA -Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology

Unlike many webinars, all webinars from MISPA are 2.5 hours long.

Go to Siblings – whether we love them or hate them they matter! to arrange to view the full lecture.

Go to Pluto and His Mother-in-Law to arrange to view the full lecture.

Go to Vocational Blocks: what’s stopping you? to arrange to view the full lecture.

Go to The Great Escape: our every day addictions to arrange to view the full lecture.


To order copies of Faye’s other lectures please send her a message including the title of the lecture. Please include your country to get information on price and payment options.

From the Astrological Association Conferences (Great Britain)

These can also be ordered through the Astrological Association

These are all available as audio and pdf which cost 5 UK pounds each with a discount for multiple orders

2023 Hello from the other side – a different look at eclipses.  R1229 Audio and Pdf 

2023 The terrible 45s – Huber critical points R1264 Audio and PDF

2022 Why would you go there? (on astrolocality)  From the conference – Where do we go from here? R1180  Audio and PDF 
This one will be available to rent soon complete with video – see AA Vimeo page

2021 Ceres as Elixir: An antidote for Pluto R1160
This one is also available to rent complete with video

2017 Decent Exposure – (Publicity and Branding) R0915 – was Y1039
2017 Off with the bad on with the good (Ceres and Epigenetics) R0941 – was Y1067

2015  Co-Creating With the Planets R0848 – was Y965

2012 It’s the end of the world as we know it R0707 – was Y806
2012 Branding: You might as well be yourself  R0723 – was  Y824

2009 The Great Escape – a look at every day addictions –  R0585 was aa09
2009 Pluto And His Mother-In-Law  R0599 – was Y686

2005 – Past lives 2005  R0444 – was y501

Of The Cosmic 72 Year Cycle R0475 – was y534


Chicago 2018 Decent Exposure (Publicity, branding and timing)
Chicago 2018 Ceres and epigenetics

New Orleans 2012 Pluto’s Mother-in-Law, Ceres


All 2012

Vocational Arousal – Getting your clients going by making a vocational profile to fit with the times  – recorded in Australia in 2012 with slides.

What time is it? The magic of the 72 year cycle: how to tell the time in your life, your company and your country

Ceres intorduction


Transpersonal Astrology – recorded in Amsterdam in 2013 with slides

Nederlandse webinar

Jupiter Pluto conjunct – opname 5 april 2020

Faye en Liz Hathway

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