The Amsterdam School of Astrology (ASA), founded by Faye Blake, formerly Cossar offers workshops, webinars, lectures, supervision and longer training programs on specific topics. As there are many good schools offering full education (several years) in both Dutch and English, including web-based options, we do not offer these. See our links page if you are looking for suggestions.

The ASA aims to fill the gap between learning the theory of astrology, and becoming a practising astrologer. Our events are suitable for people who have followed formal education, or for those who have learned through self-study. For practising astrologers, there are also some suitable events with different viewpoints and techniques.

The Amsterdam School of Astrology was founded by Faye Blake. Faye’s wish in setting up the school was to offer practical tools and interesting techniques for astrologers who have a basic knowledge of astrology – signs, houses, planets and aspects.

Having studied in several countries herself, Faye recognised the value of setting up an organisation that promotes cross-fertilisation of astrological thought. For this reason she aims to continue to work with some of the world’s best astrologers many of whom she has brought to Amsterdam in the past.