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planets-ray-thirionFaye writes a blog post each month and occasionally blogs on random topics. You will find Faye’s free Monthly Planet on her personal website where you can also sign up to get notifications of new posts.








In Loopbaan Visie – voor loopbaan coaches – Oktober 2014 – Faye Cossar 



Some of Faye’s articles/papers are online. Here are the links.

In February 2018 this article was chosen as the article if the month for
Ceres: Ruler of Healing environments?  It suggests Ceres is involved with epigenetics.
published in the Astrological Association Journal, Mar/Apr 2018.

The Rhythm of Life is a Powerful Beat – Using the Huber life Clock
published in The Mountain Astrologer magazine, June/
July 2015.

Create a Professional Brand Profile for You and Your Clients
published in The Mountain Astrologer magazine. June/July 2013.

The cycles of history – can we learn from company history?
An academic paper about Uranus – Three histories of Uranus

Towards a Responsible Astrology of the Future 
A version of this article was published in the AA Journal of 2009.

High Noon for Saturn and Pluto – 2001 – the Saturn Pluto cycle.

If you are a member of the Astrological Association of Great Britain (a good thing to be!) you can view Faye’s articles online in their publication The Astrological Journal:

July 2013 – Finding the Right Environment – what does your chart say about your best work environment?

September 2012 – Your Horoscope – a very personal brand.

September 2009 – Towards a Responsible Astrology of the Future – our solar system as a model of consciousness development.


A podcast – mostly on Ceres – Ceres gets a promotion Faye talks to Vanessa Couto.



Online discussion with K G Stiles

Audio downloads

At the Aries ingress of 2014 Faye was involved in a discussion for Kepler College in the US.

You can listen to this discussion on Electional Astrology with Faye and Christine Arens. It was led by Enid Newberg, Donna Woodwell and Karen McCauley. Recording