Astrological Association Online Conference

Start date: 23 September 2022
End date: 25 September 2022
Location: Online

23- 25 September 2022

Image Flickr: Leonard J. Matthews

Faye is one of the speakers at the AA conference: Where do we go from here?

Her lecture is on Saturday morning 24th September.

Why would you go there?

Astrolocality covers techniques for looking at the ‘where’ questions in astrology. It often focuses on individual planets – e.g., Venus for finding a partner. However, we sometimes forget that our entire horoscope joins us when we relocate! These techniques provide powerful tools for healing when we consciously choose to visit places where specific planetary energies are increased or decreased. Faye will describe how to use relocation to gain further insight into patterns and problems. She will use examples from her practice to demonstrate how her methods have helped her clients.

See Faye’s intro video

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