Ceres: Environmentalist, Democracy Advocate, Suffragette, Mother-in-Law and Pluto’s antidote

Date: 4 September 2022
Location: Online NZ time

For Astrology Foundation New Zealand

Sept 4th 10am NZ time ( midnight for me!)


“It all started in Bath! Ceres caught my attention when she was upgraded to a dwarf planet in 2006, while I was studying for the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology.”

What did this upgrade mean? Especially in terms of consciousness. Since Pluto was also demoted, Ceres was now on equal footing with him. Faye will outline the Ceres archetype and give examples of how to interpret her placement in a horoscope. Globally, in countries and in a personal horoscope.

Faye will use example of Ceres and how she works for The US and the UK and will research NZ for this talk.

She will also take examples from the audience to show how to make the most of Ceres in your own horoscope. So have your chart ready, preferably with Koch houses.

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