Tuscany – Freedom and Responsibility

Start date: 25 September 2023
End date: 2 October 2023
Location: Tuscany, Italy

The Transmission School is offering a wonderful 14 week semester in Tuscany from September 11 to December 17 2023.

Faye is delighted to be part of the school giving one week of this program together with Zelda Hall.

The whole program is called Freedom and Responsibility – it starts with you!

Our week is called Astrology and Unfolding the path of the soul

25 September – 02 October 2023

You can just come for this one week (or any of the others) if you haven’t time for the whole program!

Faye’s Part – Astrology – conform or rebel

Using astrology, we will look at the planets representing freedom and responsibility to discover how they can help us develop these themes positively. Saturn represents structure, borders and boundaries, authority and rules. Working negatively, Saturn blames and takes no responsibility for life. How can we turn this around?

We will also do the same for Uranus – the planet of awakenings, truth, independence, rebelliousness, resistance and freedom. Uranus can also work negatively to give disruption and shocks. However, we need him to help bring about change.

The Sun is crucial in a horoscope and shows your vocation. Faye will discuss why this is important for being aware of who you really are and what the world is waiting for you to do.

We’re in it together

Together we will look at how this works at a collective level as well as for you on a personal level. Mixing these astrological archetypes – Saturn and Uranus – gives responsible changes and breakthroughs. New innovative structures at all levels can emerge. What will be your contribution? To help you, Faye will look at your own horoscope. In order to do so, she will need your birth details: date, time and place of birth.

See Zelda’s part

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