Time to be yourself

Date: 24 January 2021
Location: Online

Faye’s webinar will discuss using the horoscope to put ‘the real you’ out there. What would you really love to do? And what are your talents? Many people have time to think about this now due to the corona virus. It is a time to be brave and dare to go for your real calling. Faye will offer examples from her practice and will also cover:

  • How to write a resume or linked in profile
  • Ideas for colours for your website

And for practicing astrologers (or to help your clients)

  • How to discover the best services you can offer and the type of clients that suit you

Faye covers this in her book Vocational Astrology: finding the Right Career Direction’, and in this session she will use case examples to illustrate her ideas. If there is time she will take live questions so that you can see her work in practice.


Hosted by NCGR Sacramento – see their webinar page to book.