What time is it in your life? Huber age points

Date: 18 November 2017
Location: Online

Run by Astrology University.

What time is it? The magic of the 72 year cycle: how to tell the time in your life, your company and your country
The horoscope can be seen as a clock – an idea that was taken further in the 60s by Bruno Huber, a Swiss astrologer. He created the technique of Age Progression and the Age Point, which, in his view, highlights psychological development. Faye will briefly explain the 72-year Huber cycle and provide case studies showing not only its relevance for individuals, but also for companies and countries. She has used this technique for over 25 years and has found it one of the most useful tools in the Astro toolkit. Her dissertation for her MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology offered a model for organizational development based on this idea. One of her papers also researched experiences of clients at age 45, a particularly interesting time, according to this system.