Dangerous Women workshop

Date: 9 February 2019
Location: Amsterdam

A repeat of our weekend workshop for women given by Faye and Zelda Hall.


A workshop for women in our series ‘She who dares’.

What makes a woman dangerous? Women who do not conform to a particular society’s expectations and ideas of femininity, while we might also admire them, are often seen as dangerous and threatening. Not only by men but by other women.

Because of this, women often suppress parts of themselves which they deem less acceptable. These parts, when unacknowledged, can wreak havoc in relationships and our work life as they sneak out anyway. Or they affect our physical health, expressing themselves as illness. We can sometimes find them lurking in the images of our dreams. We come across them in our responses to other women in our daily lives, in the media and in positions of power.

In this workshop we will explore what it means to be a ‘dangerous woman’ and who we consider to be a danger to ourselves or others. We will learn what our inner dangerous woman looks like and what her gifts might be.

We will use insights from astrology, history and culture, myth and story. You will get feedback and information based on your own personal astrological chart. Dreams and body work will also be used to explore your inner ‘dangerous woman’.

This workshop offers an opportunity to become more conscious of what it means for you to be a woman in these changing and often challenging times. You will become aware of limiting beliefs you have about yourself as a woman and the possibility of new choices. And you can discover the gifts that the Dangerous Woman offers.

Faye’s Libra 2018 post discusses this topic further.

Reasons to attend


Here’s what one of our participants said:

Little did I know before attending that I’d be surrounded by such honest, empowered, connecting and open-hearted women in the presenters and participants at the Dangerous Women workshop.

Strangers became instant connections that pulled in the best way at my heart strings and reaffirmed what we share within our own unique framing of life.

The workshop content was a fascinating deep-dive combination of history, astrology and shared personal stories all put into a context which challenged me to reframe my thoughts on how I can empower myself and revealed how others are doing just the same. I walked away feeling moved, refreshed, energised and even more curious about what makes me, me. 

Kris P.

Workshop leaders

Zelda Hall is a psychologist and therapist with more than thirty years experience in working with individuals and groups. She has her own practice in Amsterdam where she gives individual consultations, relationship counselling and workshops. She has extensive training in various therapeutic modalities and healing approaches. And she teaches in an academic programme with the Alef Trust. Her calling is to make a contribution to the restoration of balance of masculine and feminine in these changing times.

Faye is first and foremost an astrologer. She has used astrological techniques for many years, backed up by therapeutic training. Part of her study included counselling which, when combined with astrology, offers powerful tools for working with all manner of issues. Many of her clients come with questions and dilemmas that relate to themes in this workshop. A horoscope is a great tool for helping women become empowered.

Practical details

Date: 9 Feb 2019

Location: Amsterdam

Costs: € 120

For more information or to book contact Faye.

Or call her on 020-6206244.