Ceres as Elixir – An Antidote for Pluto

Date: 31 October 2021
Location: Online part of the hybrid 'Potions for the Future' conference in Wyboston, UK

Faye’s lecture is part of the online track of the Astrological Association hybrid conference which is from 29-31st October. Just a reminder that this is the weekend we return to winter time here in Europe! So check times if you book for the online version.

You can attend in person or online and you get access to all the lectures on the days you sign up for, both the online and the live ones.

Faye’s lecture description

Faye will discuss how planetary archetypes can be used to heal and be used as antidotes. Ceres and Pluto are a planetary pair so how might this work?

Ceres protected plebeian laws and rights from the ruling patricians. Faye will discuss Ceres’ role in the Coronavirus pandemic, and argue that Ceres’ position between Mars – individual will, and Jupiter –  politicians, makes her the ideal goddess to study on issues relating to democracy.

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